IT support needs and responsibilities

technical-supportWith the advent of computers, it has become a necessity for organization to have in place IT support teams within their organizations. The IT support responsibilities include among others ensuring that each and every employee, clients and other parties with an interest in the organization have the capability to access the required information. This is through monitoring and servicing of the network systems within the organization.

Other titles accorded to the technicians

Other than being known as the IT support team, other names are used to describe holders of the same responsibilities within varying institutions. This includes help desk operators, maintenance teams, application supports among others. However, despite this disparity in the names being used, the responsibility of the teams continue to be the same and may vary only where part of the team maybe holding higher offices and as such be referred to as manager.

Responsibilities of the teams within an organization

The IT support responsibilities include among others ensuring that the organization communication and computer networking is always in functional mode. For this reason, they are endeared to undertake regular troubleshooting, and ascertaining of any malfunctions within the same and make recommendations for the necessary steps to remedy the situations. This includes the tests for both software and hardware components of the system as well as putting in place monitoring systems that ensure an updated performance of the system.

The IT support team is also under the responsibility to ensure that any defects within the communication system are addressed according. This is done through installation of both hardware and software systems and programs. This includes installation and configuration of both existing and new devices within the system. This also includes maintenance of accurate maintenance records that includes the type of service accorded and the extent covered and the time of the service.

Providing support for the staff and the clients using the communication system. The support includes training on various area of using the application programs installed and running the organizations systems, training on the modalities to handle and ensure better performance of the computer systems and networks. This also includes training for new staff on the system requirements and the existing staff on any new applications that might be introduced to the system.

It also falls within the IT support responsibilities the undertaking to adequately advise the management on the performance of the existing IT system within the organization. This includes among other things providing information on the efficiency of the software and hardware of the IT system, any new advancements in the market and the compatibility of the existing system with the new developments in the IT industry


The IT department within any organization is created to enhance connectivity and easy communication between various departments of the organization. It is, therefore, among the IT support responsibilities to ensure that they interact with all other departments of the organization. This will ensure they are able to understand each of the organizations needs and put measures in place to address the same accordingly