Sam Heller – A Lawyer For Closely Held Businesses

As a seasoned business lawyer, Sam Heller understands the unique challenges that business owners face and is known for his successful litigation and trial practice. He has won favorable results for his clients in lawsuits worth millions of dollars. Sam Heller represents closely held businesses. Sam founded several businesses and has firsthand experience in running them. He understands the emotional investment that entrepreneurs have in their businesses, and his clients benefit from his extensive experience. This combination of experience and knowledge makes Sam Heller a great choice for any business owner in need of a skilled attorney.

Sam Heller’s TECH STACK

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Beginning his art career in 1987, Sam Heller has had a long and varied career in the field. He has worked at two of the country’s leading fine art galleries, Atlas Galleries and Merrill Chase Galleries. He grew up in New York City, living in both the historic Ansonia Hotel and Continental Baths. Although his career has been marked by ups and downs, he has continued to be motivated by his passion for art.

During the past four decades, Sam has handled a wide range of civil litigation cases and trial matters. His experience with trial work is vast, and his skill with business operations has helped him obtain favorable results for his clients in a wide range of disputes. The breadth of Sam Heller’s experience allows him to effectively and efficiently manage any type of business dispute, from a small lawsuit to multimillion-dollar commercial agreements.


After graduating from Vanderbilt University Law School, Sam Heller worked at a public defender’s office and in a criminal practice clinic. After graduation, he interned with a U.S. district court judge in the Eastern District of Michigan. Heller also served as a fellow with Gideon’s Promise, a nonprofit organization dedicated to reforming public defense systems and training reform-minded lawyers.

Heller, a native of the Tampa Bay area, became active with several nonprofits and professional associations in the region. Heller Law is a proud sponsor of the Be Mine fundraiser for the Heart Gallery of Tampa, which aims to connect foster children with loving families. His passion for the community has led him to become involved in various projects in the community, including working on anti-Israel boycott campaigns. He has also contributed to the ADL and AJC in the Los Angeles area and is a member of a Jewish advocacy group called NewGround.

As a result of his experiences with the pandemic, Sam Heller missed most of his junior year at high school and returned to learning in the fall. Though his education was interrupted, he is happy about his future. He is head of the L’Chaim Society at University School, celebrating Israeli culture. He looks forward to meeting new people and focusing on areas of his passion. With this motivation and dedication, Sam has become an inspirational figure in many circles.


In early nineties, Heller became the art director of the porn tabloid Screw. After two years at the porn tabloid, Heller decided to join The New York Times, where he spent nearly a decade as its art director. His early career was characterized by the idea of a design historian. Heller was one of the first to introduce the concept. Heller’s career has been a whirlwind, spanning several decades.

He started his career as a hockey player, and his career evolved as he became more interested in geology. He received a B.S. in Geology from Brigham Young University and an M.S. from California State University East Bay. He has served in various capacities throughout his career, and is currently the head of the L’Chaim society at University School. He is eager to work in a new environment, and to focus on areas of his interest.